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Royal Tea New York

Sourcing quality tea from around the world to bring global flavors to local markets.

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About Royal Tea New York

Royal Tea New York elevates standards of quality, accessibility, and transparency across the tea industry. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional teas at competitive prices.

Pure and Blended Teas


Rich and full-bodied, black tea flavors after often varied. Some common notes can include earthiness, leather, dried fruit, honey and spice.


Fresh and complex, green tea tasting notes range from floral to savory. Once rarely seen on tea menus, this type of tea is now a staple in any tea program.


Light in color and flavor, these teas offer subtle sweetness balanced by vegetal and floral notes.


Herbal teas are caffeine free and produced by steeping herbs and spices to create a flavorful taste.


Oolong tea produces a rich tea with floral and honey notes, and can be medium to full-bodied.


Tea processed through fermentation, this variety is available in compressed cakes and bulk loose leaf. Flavor profiles are diverse, including tobacco, aromatic wood, leather and dried fruit.

How to Order Specialty Tea

For new customers, the first order is on a net cash basis. Specifically, payment must be made by bank check, money order, credit card or telegraphic transfer. Payment for tea must be received in advance of shipment.

Yes! We can process your orders for green coffee and tea as a joint shipment. However, to fit tea on a coffee pallet, the pallet must be NO MORE than 6 coffee bags. This is due to certain carrier height restrictions and safety requirements. If the pallet you are trying to put tea on top of is more than 6 bags, tea will need to be its own pallet, or shipped separately via UPS.

Please Note: Any joint orders will have a turnaround time of 5 business days, so please plan accordingly.

Royal New York

Family owned and operated since our founding in 1995, Royal New York has remained dedicated to offering an unmatched commitment to knowledge and trust in every area of our business. We partner with farmers to provide high-quality, certified green coffee and tea, and help to shape the future of coffee and tea professionals through The Lab’s robust course offerings.

The team at Royal New York strives to be a partner in the truest sense of the word whether you’re a roaster, barista, student, or combination.

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