Is there a best way to brew coffee?

Drip coffee brewing at Royal New York

If you want to perfectly brew coffee…

Do you know the best way to brew coffee? Thomas Ameloot is here to answer these questions and more!

In August, Royal NY will be partnering with CoLapOps to offer a variety of Specialty Coffee Association and Coffee Quality Institute courses. Home coffee lovers, roasters, baristas, owners/managers, salespeople, and more can find something to learn; we’re even offering the SCA Brewing Foundation course!

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SCA Brewing Foundation Course

AeroPress coffee brewing at Royal New York

Have you ever asked yourself: Am I brewing my coffee correctly? What makes a good cup of coffee? Why is the coffee at the coffee shop better?

If you have, then this is the course for you! Did you know that you can make your coffee taste sweeter, stronger, more bitter, fruitier, or sourer? In this class, we will give you some simple tips to use at home or work to find the best brew for each coffee, because each coffee brews differently. We will peek into the science behind brewing, which includes extraction and strength. We will identify each major step in making sure your coffee tastes the best – to you!

Why is this course necessary?

This course is especially helpful for café owners, lead baristas, and/or whoever is choosing the recipes and brewing the coffees at your café. At Royal NY, we like to spend time adjusting our brew recipes for each type of coffee we roast. If we have a new Colombian washed coffee on the menu, what is the best way to brew it? Should we use a French press, a Hario V60, an AeroPress, or something else? What about a batch brew – what recipe (coffee to water ratio) should we use?

We will discuss and/or experiment with the essential brewing elements, including roast level, coffee origin, recipe, grind size, water temperature, and more. You will have a chance to brew using some amazing coffees and coffee equipment! Look forward to using Chemex, V60, AeroPress, French Press and a Fetco brewer.

Coffee brewing at Royal New York

There is also an optional certification through SCA during this course. It is part of the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma program and earns 5 points towards your diploma. When you finish this course, certification or not, you will have a good understanding of how to brew your coffee to better fit your tastes.