Colombia Nariño La Union Ikawa Roast Analysis

Follow along with our RNY Coffee Traders as they Ikawa Roast and cup one of our newest micro lots from Colombia!

Colombia Nariño La Union

We purchased the Colombia Nariño La Union lots during a recent trip to Colombia by Royal Coffee NY. This mixture of Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo varietals comes to us from the Nariño region of Colombia. These lots come from approximately sixty families in the La Union municipality. This lot is built with deliveries from smallholder producers ranging in altitude from 1,800 to 2,100masl. The producers wash, ferment, and dry the parchment in solar raised beds before delivering the parchment to the local mill.

Landscape view of Colombia Nariño La Union specialty coffee farm

Ikawa Roast Analysis:

Our goal with this test was to find a roast that was comparable to our Probat sample roaster.  To start, we created a standard sample roast profile.  We were aiming to have first crack happen around 7:30 minutes, with a development time between 20-25%.  We accomplished this with the second profile [1] we tried for this coffee:

Colombia Nariño La Union specialty coffee IKAWA roast profile

[1] You’ll need the IKAWA Pro app installed on your tablet or phone in order to use this profile with your IKAWA roaster

Ikawa Roast Cupping Information:

After cupping different roast profiles for the Colombia Nariño Excelso from La Union on the Ikawa, we selected our favorite roast based on the following cupping notes and scores that it provided:

We scored this roast an 85.25 using the standard SCA cupping form. On the dry fragrance, we noticed a pleasant citrus note.  This was paired with some sugar browning aromatics on the wet (caramel and brown sugar). The flavor attributes were complex but extremely balanced.  It showed notes of melon, cherry, caramel and orange. This coffee shows a great deal of complexity and we feel can be used in quite a few scenarios.  These include,single origin pour over or drip, blend component for a drip or espresso, even a sweet and smooth cold brew. Contact your trader today to talk further regarding this excellent coffee that just arrived.

Bags of Colombia Nariño La Union specialty green coffee

Colombia Nariño La Union: NJ: 239 Bags / Ref: 33707

Specialty coffee producers from Colombia Nariño La Union

Coming Soon:

This isn’t the only coffee from Nariño that we have available. There are 27 more micro lots arriving from our partner producers.  One of these micro lots is by Rosa Maria Santander’s farm, El Recuerdo. All these coffees will be arriving by the end of October. Contact your trader today to chat about this lot and many others from Nariño!

Rosa Maria Santander of Colombia Nariño La Union

Rosa Maria Santander Finca El Recuerdo 8 bag lot. Sweet, with notes of raspberry, peach, and honey.