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RNY On Location: Coffee in Colombia

Are you looking for fresh arrivals for the fall? Then Colombian coffee should be on your radar as you’re choosing your coffees to carry you through this upcoming holiday season! Senior Coffee Trader Camilo Yubank recently returned from a trip to Colombia where he visited three states to outsource some of the best coffee in Colombia offered this time of year.

Landscape picture from the top of the mountain overlooking coffee farms in Colombia


First, we have Huila. Huila is the largest coffee-producing region in Colombia. With help from our friends at Cuatro Vientos Exporters, we always receive the best this department has to offer. If you want to improve the quality of your blends without sacrificing quantity, then you can’t go wrong with our amazing regional coffees from Huila.

Recommendations for Coffee in Colombia from Huila

RNY # 53863 Colombia Huila Santa Maria – Excelso EP (GP)

Colombia Huila Algeciras – Excelso EP (E) – RNY # 54923

RNY # 54922 Colombia Huila Acevedo – Excelso EP (E)


Next, we have Tolima. The Department of Tolima is a mystical and magical place. Rivers run across tall mountains and a rolling fog encases the farms in the morning. Indeed, it’s like a picturesque view from a Garcia Marquez novel.

Specialty coffee farm in Tolima, Colombia

For many years, Tolima was inaccessible due to armed conflict with the FARC. Thankfully, the peace processes from the past seven years opened Tolima’s borders. Now, we can visit their farms and find the best quality coffee to offer you.

Due to partnerships with local associations like Suave and sustainable exporters like InConexus Coffee, we can offer a wide variety of lots from Tolima. Truthfully, we are proud to offer these complex, sweet, and balanced coffees that are certified organic.

Recommendations for Coffee in Colombia from Tolima

RNY # 55104 Organic Colombia Tolima Suave (GP)

Organic Colombia Tolima Suave – Fair Trade (GP) – RNY # 54102

RNY # 55109 Organic Colombia Tolima Del Rio – Fair Trade (GP)

Organic Colombia Tolima Finca San Sebastian (GP) – RNY # 55347

RNY # 55348 Organic Colombia Tolima Volcano (GP)


Finally, we have Cauca. Our coffee program in Cauca is an example of sustainability and win-win trade. Significantly, this is where a group of small producers in Inza work closely with Pergamino Café. Together, they have developed a vibrant and dynamic community of specialty coffee growers. Simultaneously, they are building a rural middle class that encourages the younger generations to continue the family tradition of being coffee farmers. Because of our coffee program, younger generations see an opportunity for economic prosperity and upward mobility.

Family of specialty coffee producers in Cauca, Colombia

Aside from the positive socioeconomic impact of purchasing Cauca coffee, the lots are fantastic! Undoubtedly these coffees will keep your clients coming back for more.

Recommendations for Coffee in Colombia from Tolima

RNY # 55359 Colombia Cauca – San Antonio Excelso (GP)

Organic Colombia Perla de Inza (GP) – RNY # 55039

RNY # 55321 Colombia Excelso Cauca – Patricia Volveras (GP)

Colombia Cauca – Inza – Danilson Oidor (GP) – RNY # 55319

RNY # 54689 Colombia Cauca – Inza – Aldemar Pillimue (GP)