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Roast Profile Library

We have tested various roast profiles on an array of coffees
from around the world. Here are our recommendations.

How to Translate Our Roast Guides

Our roasting guides were developed by roasting many of our coffees, multiple ways to create a baseline for how certain coffees behave under certain circumstances. These aren’t strict rules, but should provide direction in generally how to develop a profile for a certain coffee depending on your roasting system and style.

Central & South America

This region produces a wide range of coffees. Coffee grown in the Americas ranges from mild and sweet to tropical and exotic. Depending on the coffee you are starting with, and the flavor profile you are trying to develop, there is a range of profiles suitable to use.


Many coffees from Asia have a distinct flavor profile, sought after around the world. As a result of the relatively lower elevation and prevalence of the wet-hulled processing style, these coffees shine at darker roast levels for full-bodied and rich cup profiles.


African coffees offer a diverse array of flavor profiles. The Naturals are sweet and fruity while their washed counterparts are complex and vibrant.


There are several ways to remove most of the caffeine found in coffee. The methods used will affect the final flavor, so they may need to be roasted differently to achieve the desired cup profile.