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Mike Romagnino
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Mike Romagnino
How did you start in coffee/tea?
I was working for a chocolate company in Seattle, WA. They had two cafes and purchased a small coffee roaster to start to roast their own coffee for the cafe's. I eventually became more curious and intrigued with coffee. Not long after I was hired by Caffe Vita to work in coffee production. After working in production for a couple years I was offered the opportunity to learn how to roast. I learned to roast coffee on a 60 kilo Probat and never looked back! I eventually went on to roast on 45 and 22 kilo Probat's. Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn and roast on Probat's, Loring's and Diedrich coffee roasters.

Favorite thing about the industry?
My favorite thing about the coffee industry are the people, community, and the relationships I have developed over the years working in coffee. Having the opportunity to learn and share with others the craft of roasting has been and continues to be a rewarding experience.

If you had control of RNY radio for the day (…without risk of any criticism/comments) what would you choose?
If I had control of RNY radio it would be Black Sabbath all day!

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