Colombia Huila Finca El Mirador-Anaerobic Natural (E)

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Colombia Huila Finca El Mirador-Anaerobic Natural (E)

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Cupping Notes


Beyond The Cup


Royal NY’s Scoring

Acidity :


Body :

Very High

Sweetness :

Very High


Elevation: 1500 to 1550 meters

Varietals: Bourbon,Colombia

Milling Process: Other

Drying Process: Patio Drying

Harvest Start Month: October

Harvest End Month: July

Export Start Month: November

Export End Month: August

Miller Bustos inherited Finca El Mirador from his mother 20 years ago, becoming the third generation of coffee growers. Still, in the last seven years, he turned the focus of his production to Specialty coffees with the hope of capturing better premium and stable prices by appealing to high-end roasters. Thanks to these premiums, he has invested in better infrastructure in the farm and developed a new wash and drying process.