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Managing Inventory 101: Green Coffee Storage

Are you doing everything you can to preserve your green coffee inventory? A solid green coffee storage plan is crucial to preserving the shelf life of your green coffee. If stored properly specialty green coffee has a shelf life of 12 months! Being aware of your warehouse conditions and implementing control measures will help slow down the aging process of your green coffee inventory. When developing your green coffee storage plan, take into consideration these four pillars.

pallets of green coffee bags and a forklift at the Royal New York warehouse

Pillars of Green Coffee Storage

Temperature & Moisture

Temperature is important because it regulates the moisture in the environment. Warmer air has more moisture while cooler air has less. Coffee that has absorbed too much moisture, particularly from exposure to humid environments for extended periods of time may take on a fermented, moldy type of overtone in the cup. Green coffee will appear darker when taking on more moisture from a humid environment. In conditions of low humidity, the coffee may lose moisture. In conditions of high humidity, the coffee may gain moisture. Moderate and stable conditions are ideal for green coffee storage. We recommend a temperature range of 50 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Direct sunlight can have a significant impact on green coffee. Added light exposure will dry out green coffee, resulting in less flavor and aroma. You should always store green coffee in a dark warehouse or container.


Using hermetic bags such as Grain Pro or Ecotact will help slow down the decomposition process and preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Hermetic bags or a vacuum seal create an airtight environment with low levels of oxygen and elevated levels of carbon dioxide. They can also prevent the green coffee from getting water damage when in transit. All bags should be closed, and zip tied after use.

Pro tip – did you know we label coffee that is shipped in Grain Pro or Ecotact bags? Look for a (GP) or (E) at the end of the coffee name! You can also search for these in the coffee inventory search box.

Pest Control & Storage

It is critical to have a pest control program that adheres to food safety guidelines. Coffee must be kept off the floor and staged on pallets. Coffee can absorb moisture from concrete and rodents can nest in the jute bags. Using a certified pest control company will ensure that your warehouse is following food safety measures and will give you written records of service that you may need for a food safety audit.

Green Coffee Storage Key Takeaways

To preserve the shelf life of your green coffee, it is imperative to reference these four pillars of green coffee storage. Staying focused on these will help preserve the life of your green coffee and will greatly benefit your roasting and brewing process.

If you have any questions about green coffee storage best practices, contact us! We’re always happy to chat through any unique challenges and offer our advice.