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TRADER PICKS: Best Green Coffee & Tea Q2 2022

Out of all the specialty coffee & tea cupped this month, our traders rounded up some of their favorites from the cupping table. Check out their picks for the best green coffee and tea of Q2 2022!



This coffee comes from one of the most remote regions (if not the most) from where we outsource coffee. The infrastructure, or lack thereof, at origin makes having this coffee in a cup in the USA one of those everyday miracles of human effort and resilience.

The trade of coffee brings together the different tribes from Nebilyer Valley every year, where they can put asides their difference and deliver a fantastic coffee—a great example of how coffee and trade build bridges over other differences.

On top of that, the coffee in the cup is sweet, with plum and caramel notes. It has a medium body and a clean finish, perfect for a medium roast profile. My favorite word to describe it is “approachable.”

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This coffee is from Lyamungo, which is a farm that is part of a larger organization called the Africa Plantation Kilimanjaro Estates. APK Estates has a really great handle on quality control. They keep a close eye on their coffee from the time they plant the seeds all the way through export. This results in them putting out consistently solid coffee year after year.

This particular lot has a bit of a tropical vibe that I think sets it apart from similar Tanzanians. It’s super bright in the cup with a sweet mango note in the finish that is carried by a delicate but full body.

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The Mondul estate is in northern Tanzania, near Mt. Meru. They have cultivated coffee on this estate since 1931. Each year, some of the best coffees come from here and they are usually one of my favorite coffees from Tanzania. The complex stone fruit sweetness and a balanced acidity rounds out a perfect cup of coffee for me.

Back in 2018, when I visited this estate, I was blown away by the size and the quality controls that are put forth to create the excellent quality and consistency. A long-established community of over 100 permanent employees live and work onsite. These employees embrace traditional methods of coffee production, while adopting modern practices along the way to help pave the way for great quality for everyone.

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COOPTARRAZU in San Marcos de Tarrzu supplied this coffee. Year over year, this proves to be a consistent and scalable option for roasters looking for a nice, well rounded Central.
Alright, so this might be a bit out there, but here it goes. It reminds me of Honey Nut Cheerio cereal and I love it. There’s a nostalgia in the cup that reminds me of being a kid and having cereal with a giant glass of orange juice. It’s good for just about anyone when roasted in the city/ city + realm. It can hold up to milk and sugar and is solid on its own as well.
Brew-wise, this is also really fun. It works well in a batch brew, but can be really cool when cold brewed or flash chilled.

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When traveling to Ethiopia, I make it a point to visit Kochere. The beautiful landscape is one of the well-known areas in the Southern region of Ethiopia. Local farmers will bring their cherries to the washing stations for processing. The cherries will either be depulped and washed or cherries will be placed on raised beds for natural drying for 10 to 14 days.

Coffees from Kochere are a favorite for many because they are consistent with their profile of lemongrass, floral and at times also have peach or orange notes.

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This is a great caffeine free blend that soothes from the inside out. Rosehips and star anise add some natural sweetness. A touch of USA grown peppermint gives it a refreshing cooling effect. Check out more about the source of this peppermint here!

Whether you’re into yoga or not, this tea is a delicious way to start the day!

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Butterfly pea flower is native to South and Southeast Asia. It’s a popular ingredient for drinks and dishes for its characteristic vibrant blue color. It’s especially versatile for beautiful teas and cocktails. Its pigment is pH sensitive and will change purple/pink when acids such as lemon juice or tonic water are added.

If you’re looking to make a high impact specialty drink, butterfly pea flower is an absolute must for a spring/summer menu! It has a very mild floral/vegetal character, so it will add exciting color and let other ingredients’ flavors shine.

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