Tanzania Peaberry and More from Burka Estate

Richard and Joe on location in Tanzania

The Burka Estates, which includes both the Burka and Selian Farms, is one of Tanzania’s oldest and largest specialty green coffee producers.  Our coffee traders, Joe & Richard Borg, visited Burka Estate back in 2018 but our partnership first began 10+ years before that. You can say the visit was a long time coming!  Since our shipment of Tanzania Peaberry & AA grades just arrived, Joe wanted to share some more about Burka Estate in our latest Explore the Source series!

The beginnings of Burka Estate

Burka Estate, located at the base of Mt. Meru in northern Tanzania, was first established in 1899 by a German settler, Mr. Rahn. Shortly thereafter the first coffee trees were planted.

After World War I, the estate was declared “Enemy Property,” and it became part of the new British Protectorate in Tanganyika.  Eventually, the farm was bought by a group of Swiss investors. Their ownership has continued to the present through independence from Great Britain and the merging of Tanganyika and Zanzibar into present day Tanzania.

The farm has grown significantly over time, even purchasing neighboring farm Selian Coffee Estate in 1990. Through this growth, they have maintained their goal of growing coffee in an environmentally and socially friendly way that produces a high-quality cup.

An ideal environment for Specialty Coffee

As mentioned, Burka Estate is located at the base of Mt. Meru, 1400 meters above sea level.  This now dormant volcano is the fifth highest mountain peaks in all of Africa, providing the area with substantial rainfall and an overall ideal climate for growing specialty coffee. 

Burka Estate’s property features 160 acres of protected forest with a strictly enforced no hunting policy. Thankfully, because of this policy this land has an abundance of wildlife, consisting of many types of birds, vervet monkeys, baboons, dikdik and aardvarks to name a few!

The wildlife and crops grown at Burka Estate are blessed with two large natural springs that are found on the property. Not only do these springs supply water to the farm, but they also supply water to the neighboring communities. These vibrant neighboring communities also provide Burka estate with the access to actively recruit talent to the farm.

The people of Burka Estate

Burka Estate employs over 200 permanent staff and have an additional 2,000 daily staff during the harvest season. As a company, they strive to have as many amenities as possible to assist their staff and their families in their daily lives. They also assist and provide opportunities for their children as well.

All permanent staff and their families have stable work, housing, medical insurance, access to schooling, land for farming and communal gardens. They have seen the benefit these amenities provide for their staff, creating stability and security within the families.

Tanzania Peaberry & AA from Burka Estate

Burka Estate strives to produce a high quality cup in a sustainable fashion that supports the workers and their communities. Additionally, they make it a priority to ensure that their production does not jeopardize the environment or future coffee seasons.

To do this they take many steps to reduce their footprint, see below for a few examples:

– Recycle water in the wet mill

– Collect roof runoff water for factory use

– Sustainable water treatment after wet mill

– Measure fuel & electricity use on all parts of the farm, implement measures to reduce use

– Provide incentives to tractor operators for efficient fuel use of machinery

We just received our newest lots from Burka Estate, Tanzania Peaberry and AA. Contact a trader or use the links below to purchase!

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