Single Origin Espresso – Uganda Ibanda Natural

Recharge with a sweet single origin espresso from Uganda!

We went a little crazy with this one.  Not only is it an African coffee, but it’s a natural Ugandan! When’s the last time you’ve seen that written on the espresso menu? I would venture to say never. And that’s why, when I saw the espresso potential for this coffee on the cupping table, my excitement got the best of me. So we roasted it up to a full medium roast (no oils, before second crack), gave it 5 full days of rest, and we tossed it in the hopper.

Sitting on the cupping table, this coffee exhibited earthy tones with deep red fruit. It reminded me of a clean Sumatran with a little less body and a lot more fruit. To create a unique and tasty experience, I wanted to support the body while protecting the sweetness that the fruit brought to the table.

  • The grouphead temp ~200F
  • 20g dose; 29g out
  • I gave it a level and a tamp, and I locked it into the grouphead
  • First drips ~6-7 seconds, and then picked up speed throughout the shot
shot of espresso being pulled from espresso machine into espresso glass

The shot was very dense, with really rich notes of molasses and dark chocolate, while the fruit showed itself as blackberry and strawberry. The fruit notes were deep and sweet instead of bright, making this heavier single origin espresso also capable of being the perfect component for the roaster who is trying to add sweetness and complexity to an Indonesian-heavy blend without sacrificing body. But without a doubt, this coffee needs no support to shine as a straight shot or with a reasonable amount of milk. Make sure you grab some so you can give the Uganda espresso a try!  Explore our offerings here.