RNY’s Tea Picks for Winter Wellness

The holiday season is upon us, but that’s not the only thing we’re celebrating at Royal New York. We’re also raising our mugs to good health with winter wellness tea! It’s key for our trading team to stay in tip top shape to continue providing you with stellar service. Caitlin Normann has put together a list of our favorite teas that will keep you feeling fresh and in high spirits.

Shop Caitlin’s Pick: Blue Bellini

Blue Bellini is more than just a fun, color-changing tea. One of the main ingredients, butterfly pea flower, has been said to contain benefits for your skin and hair. In the dry winter months, goodness knows I need it! This blend also contains lemon myrtle, which is rich in calcium and other antioxidants. Tasting deliciously bright and fruity, Blue Bellini can be enjoyed either hot or over ice.

Shop Joe & TJ’s Pick: Jasmine Citrus

Joe: When I’m craving something other than coffee, my typical go-to is a green or black tea. Jasmine Citrus has a pronounced lemongrass note with subtle hints of peach and orange flavors, both hot and as it cools. If I had to compare it to a coffee, I automatically thing of a washed Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. It’s one of those teas that makes it hard to say no to brewing a second cup!

TJ: As a coffee trader who is keen on acidity, body, and sweetness, this tea really brings about such a pleasant, citrusy aroma with strong herbal tones. Its lighter body presents this soft, relaxing sensation of calmness and bliss. To tie it all together, the mellow fragrance warms the body, mind, and soul. It’s a great wellness tea for the winter days.

Shop Mike’s Pick: Peppermint White Chocolate

While you might not consider it a wellness tea, it feels that way for me! As someone who tries to keep a pretty healthy diet, Peppermint White Chocolate is my pick because it’s like having a sweet treat without any of the calories. The licorice root adds a hearty sweetness, and the cocoa nibs give it some depth and a dessert-like vibe.

Organic Picks for Winter Wellness Tea

Shop Evan & Jaime’s Pick: Organic Lemon Ginseng

We chose Organic Lemon Ginseng as our winter wellness tea pick. As coffee traders, we drink a few cups of coffee per day on top of cupping our new arrivals. By the afternoon, we’re typically ready for something easy on the stomach. Between the lemongrass, tulsi, and ginger, this tea is great for an upset stomach or heartburn. Plus, it’s made with green tea for a little bit of an energy boost without being too over the top!

Shop Mike’s Pick: Organic New York Breakfast

I’m a fairly simple tea drinker. I typically look for something that has a good amount of body and a subtle complexity that I can just brew and enjoy in the afternoon. Organic New York Breakfast has mellow notes of dried apricot and a toffee-like body and sweetness that I just really love. An added bonus to the cup profile is that it has just enough of a caffeine boost to get me through the afternoon!

Shop Signe’s Pick: Organic Tieguanyin

Organic Tieguanyin is a great wellness tea for winter and would be perfect for a cold day. It has all of the classic floral and vegetal elements of a lesser oxidized oolong while having an additional buttery and sweet flavor to it that I love. This is my favorite oolong tea I’ve tried so far, and it will definitely be a staple for me as the temperature drops!

Shop Andrew’s Pick: Organic Turmeric Ginger

Organic Turmeric Ginger is hands down my go-to daily drinker for fall and winter. The turmeric, ginger, and orange peel give me the immune system boost I need during the cold months. It also helps to sooth the sinuses as we turn on our heat in the northeast. Plus, it tastes great!

Final Thoughts

It’s been wonderful to have our traders, especially those from the world of coffee, speak so highly of their favorite teas for winter wellness! We hope this list inspires you to try one of their picks. Cheers to a good year and good health!

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