Royal New York

RNY Lab Community Meeting

We CAN get through this together.

Zoom Meeting ID: 549-651-068 – All Are Welcome!

Check our instagram @rnylab for updates on topics for discussion or message us there with topic suggestions or requests!


The RNY Lab Community Meeting is a place for all of us to come together and share our ideas, challenges, successes, as well as share needed resources and information as they become available. At the RNY Lab, we don’t want to pretend we have all the answers, especially in terms of the current situation. We are all learning every day as a community, so we need you, all of you, to help support each other the best we can.

The goals of the RNY Community meetings are:

1. To create a space to troubleshoot current challenges

2. Establish a greater sense of togetherness

3. To share information to help people sustain their businesses, lives, and passion for coffee and/or tea


The RNY Lab has been a place where people can come and share ideas, gain support and feel generally more connected to the greater coffee industry, and we, despite the current pandemic would like it to continue to be that place for people.

So since we are all staying at home or just generally are staying away from others, we want to create a new ‘virtual space’ to continue to serve the coffee and tea community. This will come in the form of weekday afternoon gatherings. A daily meeting Monday through Friday at 3pm, with a different topic of discussion every day. We will start out every meeting with a few slides introducing the subject matter including relevant data and resources to share valuable up-to-date information with the attendees. This would all take place in a zoom meeting room and will be completely public for whomever wants to join us! Whether you are a business owner, a roaster, someone currently employed, laid off, or just passionate about coffee and/or tea, YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO JOIN US!

Follow our instagram (@rnylab) for upcoming topics for each meeting.

Here are our starting topics:

-Managing curbside pick up and deliveries (Monday 4/6)

-Memorable customer service moments (Tuesday 4/7)

-CARE ACT & Small Business Loans (Wednesday 4/8)

-Creating & defining a new sense of normalcy & ritual (Thursday 4/9)

-Managing ‘social distancing guidelines’ (Friday 4/10)

We would love your suggestions and ideas for topics. You can submit any you have here.

Thank you for your contribution, whether it is showing up for these meetings, reading our blog, keeping the coffee flowing or roasting, showing up to support others, or for just being you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!