Organic Peru SHB San Ignacio Rio Amoju E/P (GP)

RNY # 50779

Organic Peru SHB San Ignacio Rio Amoju E/P (GP)

Ship from: FL

Position: FORWARD

275 Bags Available

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Elevation: 1800 to 2100 meters

Varietals: Bourbon,Catuai,Typica

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Patio Drying

Harvest Start Month: April

Harvest End Month: November

Export Start Month: April

Export End Month: December

This coffee comes to us from a group of 535 producers located on the left bank of the Marañon River in Peru. The name Amoju comes from the Awajun language, meaning fresh water. A fitting name for coffee produced around the main tributary of the Amazon River. The Amoju producers have been dedicated to the production of coffee with practices that mitigate climate change since their founding in September 2016. By forming this cooperative, they have been able to improve the production and quality of their coffee, resulting in better market and pricing options for all producers. The entire process of coffee production is completed on the producers’ 3-5 hectare farms. Jhon Kley Vasquez Diaz, son of one of their producers, is the QA manager on staff. An agro-industrial engineer by trade, he was trained in quality and has over 3 years experience in coffee cupping.