Organic El Salvador Finca El Milagro RFA SMBC (GP)

RNY # 49202

Organic El Salvador Finca El Milagro RFA SMBC (GP)

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Cupping Notes

Brown Sugar

Beyond The Cup

Almond,Brown Sugar,Peach

Royal NY’s Scoring

Acidity :

Above Average

Body :


Sweetness :


Elevation: 1100Varietals: Bourbon,Caturra,Pacas,Catimor

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Mechanical Dryer

Harvest Start Month: December

Harvest End Month: February

Export Start Month: May

Export End Month: June

Finca El Milagro has been in the Lima family for over 30 years. Milagro meaning miracle is one of the older farms owned and maintained by the family. The farm is located in between small valleys creating micro climates that are home to may native species of animals and plants. The farm was certified Organic, RFA and SMBC around 2015