Organic Brazil Sul de Minas POCO FUNDO COOPFAM - FAIR TRADE (GP)

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Organic Brazil Sul de Minas POCO FUNDO COOPFAM - FAIR TRADE (GP)

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Cupping Notes

Brown Sugar

Beyond The Cup

Brown Sugar,Caramel,Cherry

Royal NY’s Scoring

Acidity :

Above Average

Body :


Sweetness :



Elevation: 800 to 1300 meters

Varietals: Catuai,Mundo Novo

Milling Process: Natural

Drying Process: Mechanical Dryer

Harvest Start Month: April

Harvest End Month: September

Export Start Month: October

Export End Month: March

Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poço Fundo e Região (COOPFAM) is an association of small-scale farmers located in the state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil. The group was formed from a collective desire to improve the living standard of farmers, and to reduce poverty and emigration. In 1991, seventy-six families united to form the cooperative, determined to increase the productivity of their small plots and sustain the quality of family-oriented agriculture in the region. COOPFAM has been Fair Trade certified by Fair-trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) since 1998 and began exporting to the United States in 2003.