Nicaragua " Diamante" SHG EP

RNY # 53183

Nicaragua " Diamante" SHG EP

Ship from: NJ

Position: FORWARD

275 Bags Available

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Elevation: 1100 to 1400 meters

Varietals: Catuai

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Patio Drying

Harvest Start Month: November

Harvest End Month: March

Export Start Month: January

Export End Month: June

This lot comes to us from the Arabigos Finos cooperative in Nicaragua. 103 small specialty coffee farms, averaging just 5-10 hectares each, in the towns of Dipito, San Juan del Rio Coco and Jalapa, produced this lot.

These producers joined Arabigos Finos de Nicaragua just 7 years ago. They were forced to find a new cooperative after the previous one they were working with encountered financial trouble and could no longer pay them. Thes hardworking producers were thankful to have found Arabigos Finos de Nicaragua and they appreciate the transparent, honest and trusting relationship that they have been able to form.

The name of this lot, Diamante (diamond), holds a special meaning for the members of the group. As one producer puts it, to have a diamante, you must polish it many times to convert that rock into a precious jewel. To them, this symbolizes the hard work, determination and challenges these producers had to overcome to get to where they are today, producing some stellar specialty coffee for export around the world.