Kenya AB Mugut Wet Mill (GP)

RNY # 50078

Kenya AB Mugut Wet Mill (GP)

Ship from: NJ

Position: FORWARD

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Elevation: 1500 to 1950 meters

Varietals: Batian,Kenya SL28,Kenya SL34

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Raised Beds

Harvest Start Month: April

Harvest End Month: July

Export Start Month: February

Export End Month: April

Over 250 small family-owned specialty coffee farms, averaging at just 2 acres each, contributed to this lot. These family-owned specialty coffee farms are all members of the Kamiwa Farmers Cooperative. The Kamiwa Farmers Cooperative operates five wet mills in Fort Ternan, western Kericho County, Kenya. One of these is the Mugut Wet Mill where the coffee farmers of this lot delivered their cherries. Once delivered, sorting is done by hand before the cherries are pulped, fermented, washed and then dried on raised beds.