Kenya AB Gakurari(GP)

RNY # 50088

Kenya AB Gakurari(GP)

Ship from: NJ

Position: FORWARD

13 Bags Available

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Elevation: 1650 to 1850 meters

Varietals: Kenya SL28,Ruiru 11

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Kenya Style Drawers

Harvest Start Month: April

Harvest End Month: July

Export Start Month: February

Export End Month: April

The Gatunyu Kigio Farmers Cooperative operates 4 wet mills in Muranga County, Kenya. This lot was processed at one of these, the Gakurari Wet Mill. Over 450 small specialty coffee farms, averaging just 2 acres each, delivered their cherry to the Gakurari Wet Mill to produce this lot. More than one third of these small coffee farmers are women!

Once delivered, the cherry is processed and sundried for 14 days. During the drying process the coffee is hand sorted for defects.

The Gatunyu Kigio Farmers Cooperative is dedicated to environmental projects to benefit their community. They commit to tree planting alongside coffee bushes to enhance agroforestry. Additionally, the coop has diversified into bee keeping, which helps with pollination and to provide farmers with an additional income.