Hawaiian Kona Fancy (GP)

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Hawaiian Kona Fancy (GP)

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Elevation: 1000Varietals: Typica

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Patio and solar dried machine

Harvest Start Month: October

Harvest End Month: December

Export Start Month: November

Export End Month: February

Our Hawaiian Kona coffee comes to us from Greenwell Farms, located in Kealakekua, Hawaii. Henry Nicholas Greenwell founded the farm, though it didn’t produce coffee until the 1980’s. At that time, Henry Greenwell’s grandson (Norman Greenwell) and great-grandson (Thomas Greenwell) developed the coffee crops and processing facilities. Today, the farm is made up of 60 acres of coffee production and is the oldest producer of Kona coffee. This coffee is packaged in 100-pound bags unique to the origin.