Hawaiian Arianna Farms Kona Prime (GP)

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Hawaiian Arianna Farms Kona Prime (GP)

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Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Mechanical Dryer

Arianna Farms ‘Ono Kona Coffee® is located on the verdant slopes of Hualalai Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Overlooking Kona Bay, this award-winning farm is in the historic Kona Coffee Belt where Kona coffee first began. The Estate Arianna® is a 5 time First Place winner in the Kona Coffee Crown Cupping Competition—the prestigious annual event at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival—as well as taking a First in the Hawaii Statewide Cupping Competition. Owners/Managers Sharon, Robert, and Arianna Wood attribute much of their coffee’s success to the special care given at each step, following their farm motto ‘From Farm to Cup®.’ Robert and Sharon fell in love with Kona on their honeymoon, and the family emphasizes sustainability and being good stewards of the land. Arianna, the farm’s namesake, planted her first Kona coffee tree at age three and has attended cupping classes for several years; now 23, she is involved in every aspect of the business from modifying the farm’s herbicide management to business planning and risk analysis. Arianna notes, “Our Kona coffee is 100% hand-picked, wet milled in small batches, and then hand-raked to dry on the hoshidona drying deck.” The family’s ongoing focus on quality continues, including Sharon passing the Q-Grader test in 2011 and Robert developing a variety of standards-based projects.