Guatemala Acatenango Finca Santa Elisa Pachup (GP)

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RNY # 49459

Guatemala Acatenango Finca Santa Elisa Pachup (GP)

Ship from: NJ

Position: FORWARD

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Elevation: 1200 to 1600 meters

Varietals: Bourbon,Catuai,Caturra

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: N/A

Harvest Start Month: January

Harvest End Month: March

Export Start Month: March

Export End Month: May

Finca Santa Elisa Pachup is named after Saint Elisa who is known in this area and Pachup is named after the local tree called Chup that is found in many areas on the farm in Yepocapa. Santa Elisa Pachup sits in a 360 hectare property of which 91 hectares are preserved as natural forest and for reforestation with cypress.