Ecuador Leopoldo Andrade "La Josefina Estate" Sidra Fully Washed

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Ecuador Leopoldo Andrade "La Josefina Estate" Sidra Fully Washed

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Elevation: 1500Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Raised Beds

La Josefina Estate is an 80 acre specialty coffee farm in El Chaco canton, Parroquia Santa Rosa, Napo Province in Ecuador. In 2014 Leopoldo Andrade established La Josefina Estate. He started this as a side project as he is an engineer in business administration. Leopoldo and his wife are coffee pioneers, as they were the first producers in the area.

Their specialty coffee farm is in an ecological reserve called “Coca Cayambe” at approximately 1500 MASL. Volcanic ashes from Reventador Mountain regularly cover these lands, providing rich soil and nutrients for growing specialty coffee. Currently, the 80 acre La Josefina Estate has 45,000 coffee plants that are cultivated on 30 acres of the farm.  Next to the farm there is a small town named Cascabel that has a population of just 150 people.

Leopoldo Andrade is an entrepreneur passionate about coffee. From the start when he bought the lands to start the farm, he has always visualized being a part of the specialty coffee world. Since the beginning, Leopoldo has focused on working with high-quality coffee. Overall, his goal is to improve his coffee quality and production. One day in the future when he retires from his full-time career, Leopoldo’s dream is to make coffee his focus and devote all his time to his coffee business.