Earl Grey Sachets (2.5g sachet)

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Earl Grey Sachets (2.5g sachet)

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A tea classic and great addition to any tea offering. Ceylon black tea blended with bergamot and blue cornflowers. Generally suggested to be drank alone, although some prefer it with milk and sugar.
Total Sachet Count: 168 (2.7g) sachets per pound.
Brewing Suggestions: We recommend using spring or filtered water.  Heat to 195F/90C.  Use 1 sachet for 12oz of water.  Steep for 5-7 minutes.

Ingredients: Ceylon OP Low Grown, Bergamot Essential Oil, Cornflowers (Cyani) w/o Calyx


Sri Lanka

Brewing Instructions

Brew Time

5-7 Min




1 Sachet per 12 oz