Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu La Pastora (E)

RNY # 42299

Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu La Pastora (E)

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Position: INSTORE

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Cupping Notes

Brown Sugar
Milk Chocolate

Beyond The Cup

Lemon, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Royal NY’s Scoring







CoopeTarrazu was established in 1970 and has grown to become one of the most important contributors to the economic development of the Los Santos region of Tarrazu. The Coop assists its more than 2,600 members technical assistance, low-cost loans, and affordable fertilizers. The coop employs approximately 10,000 people either directly in coffee production or in supporting roles. These employees allow CoopeTarrazu to control the entire production process for their coffee from harvest through sorting and milling and eventual exporting. This level of control allows for constant evaluation which leads to consistent quality year after year.