Colombia Nariño Excelso Honey- Albeiro Pajimuy (GP)

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Colombia Nariño Excelso Honey- Albeiro Pajimuy (GP)

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Cupping Notes


Beyond The Cup


Royal NY’s Scoring

Acidity :


Body :

Above Average

Sweetness :

Very High


Elevation: 2100Varietals: Caturra,Colombia

Milling Process: Honey

Drying Process: Patio Drying

Harvest Start Month: June

Harvest End Month: August

Export Start Month: July

Export End Month: October

Don Alberio has been an active member of the Inga community for a long time, but has only recently started producing specialty coffee. His life had been one of continual struggles, as his father had more than 10 children and did not have enough land to partition between all of them. Because of this, Albeiro worked as a day worker, or “jornalero” for many years. From this work he saved enough to invest in a small piece of land he was permitted to plant within the indigenous resguardo, or reservation. Land in the town of Aponte is not private but collectively owned, however, the right to cultivate the land is either inherited or given by the indigenous chiefs. His farm, El Basurero, is 1.5 hectares in size with about 6,000 trees in production.