Colombia Finca Bella Vista Cinnamon Anaerobic (E)

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Colombia Finca Bella Vista Cinnamon Anaerobic (E)

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Position: FORWARD

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Elevation: 1500 to 1550 meters

Milling Process: Natural

Drying Process: Raised Beds

Carlos Plazas is a 3rd generation coffee farmer who has spent the past 41 years of his life producing coffee. Coffee production remains a family business as he runs his 19-hectare farm, Bellavista Estate, with his wife and son. Bellavista Estate gets its name from the beautiful view seen from all parts of the farm, 1500 meters above sea level in the town of Suaza within Huila, Colombia. Coffee produced at Bellavista estate is all about quality. They sort the Cherry after pickers bring them in to assure only the best quality. This lot is especially unique since it was processed anaerobically. To do this it was fermented with cinnamon and finally laid on a patio for drying to get the best infused coffee yet. Carlos and his family work hard to get an excellent coffee and cup profile and look forward to creating a long specialty relationship with coffee roasters.