Legendér Specialty Coffee from Brazil

Demilson Batista Jr. established Legendér Specialty Coffee in 2012 after discovering an opportunity to be the premier exporter of the best specialty coffee from the Serras de Minas micro region of Brazil.

Legendér specialty coffee from brazil
Scenes from Legendér

A brief history of coffee from Brazil

Brazil is often referred to as the largest single producer of coffee in the world. In fact, they produce about one-third of the world’s coffee supply. With the sheer volume of coffee coming out of Brazil annually, it’s easy for producers to become focused on a quantity over quality mentality. Coffee from Brazil is often from large coops and blended into even larger quantities to fill the industry’s demand.

While there’s nothing wrong with high-volume coffee production in Brazil, it causes complications for the Serras de Minas micro region, where the terrain doesn’t allow for this volume of coffee production. This micro region, inclusive of Machado, Poco Fundo and Campestre, features some of Brazil’s hilliest terrain and highest altitudes. Because of this, mechanical picking of coffee cherries is impossible, slowing down coffee production and overall volume from the region.

What this region does support, however, is high quality, small scale, specialty coffee. Enter Demilson Batista Jr.

The origins of Legendér Specialty Coffee

Demilson Batista Jr. is from Brazil, however, he didn’t grow up in the world of coffee. In fact, he didn’t really have a clue about coffee, let alone specialty coffee, until he met his wife, Luciana from Machado. Demilson quickly became familiar with coffee and producers during their frequent visits to Machado.

During one of their trips, Demilson had the chance to meet a coffee trader in Machado MG. Since coffee farms covered the entire region, Demilson wanted to learn who was exporting the best coffee. He quickly learned that since exporting coffee from this region is very difficult, requiring export skills and fluent English, nobody was doing it!

After confirming this information with the president of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association, Demilson jumped on the opportunity. In June 2012, he embarked on the most exciting adventure of his life when Legendér Coffee was officially born.

What sets Legendér apart from the rest?

The name Legendér comes from the idea of legendary quality and service, something that Demilson has focused on since day one.

Traditionally, producers from small farms called Sitios the Serras de Minas micro region would blend their entire production. They assumed that they would receive a better price from a bigger lot. Legendér has helped refocus these Sitios on producing quality specialty coffee that is sold at a premium through their quality program. In this quality program, Legendér sources single lots from Sitios, offering higher premiums for high quality, unique lots.

In this program, Legendér works directly with the producers to educate them on how customers in America and Europe like specialty coffee to taste. These producers make necessary adjustments post harvest and consistently achieve the quality desired.

The difference in quality produced on these Sitos compared to traditional Brazil cupping profile is immense. These smaller scale (for Brazil) producers benefit from higher premiums for producing quality specialty coffee. They are excited to innovate, trying new drying and fermentation methods to achieve even higher quality.

The 2022 Legendér Specialty Coffee from Brazil

Don’t miss out on your chance to try these special lots from Legendér! Links to all these lots are below, with some of our favorite highlights included.

Sitio Barbela

Edivalto Moraes of Sitio Barbela

Sitio Barbela (RNY # 49012) This lot, produced by a group of sharecroppers in Poco Fundo, was sourced for the 1st time by Legendér this year. Sharecroppers are common in this region, but traditionally do not sell their coffee together. Because of this, they are sold in the most convenient way and almost never single lots.

Edivalto Moraes, an always positive, happy, life enthusiast, was up for the challenge. Serving as the representative for his group of 25 sharecroppers, he brought their coffee to Legendér for the first time in 2021. After selling their share, Sitio Barbela was the name given to this lot, after Edivalto’s nickname.

The impact of selling this lot as part of the Legendér quality program was so clear. Edivalto could finally buy a house for his family. He is targeting to purchase his first piece of land later this year. Sharecroppers from other farms are now organizing similarly to follow in their footsteps.

Sitio Caleari

Vanderson Caleari Alves of Sitio Caleari

Sitio Caleari (RNY # 49004) is owned by Vanderson Caleari Alves and his wife Bridiga, third-generation coffee growers. For the first time, Vanderson processed his lot using Anaerobic Fermentation. If you’re not familiar with this type of processing, you can read more about it here.

When Vanderson heard about Anaerobic Fermentation, he became fascinated with the reported results and tried it out. Because of this unique processing method, he could add an extra premium for each bag.

While he received positive feedback in cuppings with Legendér, he is eagerly anticipating feedback from you, the final customer. He is hopeful to continue experimenting with various processing methods for the next harvest.

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