It’s Cold Brew Season!

specialty cold brew coffee at Royal New York

It’s spring here in the Northeast and cold brew season is in full bloom. Whether you prefer a super chocolaty, creamy body coffee, a fruit bomb natural processed coffee or a bright washed African coffee, there’s a cold brew for you. You may have seen our guide to using a Toddy in our coffee resource page, but there are many ways to enjoy this delicious cold caffeinated beverage.

The Brewing Process

Here, I tried 100% El Salvador coffee from a farm called Santa Maria. This coffee comes from the Aguilar family. Its flavor profile at a full medium roast creates a nice chocolaty, caramel smoothness with a nutty finish, perfect not only for cold brew but also a great component for an espresso or house blend. After two days of degassing, I used a ratio of 1:5, coffee to water, and let it sit overnight for 20 hours.

When it was time to enjoy what we hoped to be this delicious brew, we removed the stopper and let the coffee drain until all of the liquid was removed from the top container where the coffee and water has been sitting.

The Tasting Notes

I like to enjoy our cold brew concentrate with at least one ice cube to allow the coffee to open its flavors. There was an intense sweet milk chocolate note to it with a syrupy mouthfeel right from the first sip. A mild sweet cherry note started to pop as I started to drink more.

If you are looking for a coffee for cold brew for your shop or your home for personal consumption, look no further. I feel this is an excellent coffee for cold brew that is a crowd pleaser for anyone who likes great coffee.

Happy Cold Brew Season!

specialty cold brew coffee being poured at Royal New York