Gongfu Black is Back!

At long last, one of our favorite black teas, some might even say the best black tea, is back in stock!


Explore the Source of Gongfu Black

Gongfu black tea is a style of black tea making that originated in northern Fujian Province of China.  With the recent popularity of black tea throughout China, this processing method has spread to most tea producing provinces.

Our Gongfu Black is sourced from the Gaoshan Tea Garden in Lincang City, Yunnan Province of China. The Yunnan area is recognized for their mountains, abundant rainfall and fertile soil which all contribute to the perfect natural conditions for tea production.

Gongfu Black translates to “with skill” and it’s obvious that a lot of care has gone into the processing of the leaves of this tea. The production process requires practiced skill and time, as well as careful extra steps in the withering and oxidation process to bring out the best in the cup.

Gongfu Black In the Cup

In the cup this tea does not disappoint. We think it is certainly worthy of being known as one of our best black teas! It’s medium bodied with notes of honey, rose and malt.  We found it had a great lasting, sweet finish.

Our Preferred Brew Methods for Gongfu Black, Best Black Tea!

One of our favorite ways to enjoy Gongfu Black, especially in the summer months, is on nitro! Like with many of our nitro favorites, Gongfu Black’s sweetness gets a big boost from cold brewing and kegging! The creamy mouthfeel of nitro makes this tea decadent – it tastes like there is actual honey in it. We steeped 1lb in 5 gallons of cool water for 4 hours before adding the nitro and it is a treat!

If nitro isn’t for you, try Gongfu Black brewed the Gong Fu Method. Step by step guide is below if you’re not familiar!

What you will need:
Filtration device, optional
Small pitcher (Gong Dao Bei)

Tea tray (chachuan), optional
Tea cups

1g/fl oz loose leaf tea
Water at 195°-205°


Add tea to gaiwan.

Rinse tea with hot water and immediately discard, this removes dust and preheats vessel.

Add water to gaiwan until full, and steep for 30 seconds.

Carefully shift the lid away from the gaiwan lip. Creating a small space for water to pass, pour the infusion through the filtration device into pitcher.

Decant first steep evenly into separate cups until pitcher is empty.

Repeat this process for 3-5 steeps, remarking on the change of flavor with each successive steep.