Get Ready! USCC Prelims are coming to the LAB: Introducing our Brewer’s Cup Competitors!

The U.S. Coffee Championships are a series of three events celebrating specialty coffee: the U.S. CoffeeChamps Preliminaries, the U.S. CoffeeChamps Qualifying Events, and the U.S. Coffee Championships (Produced by the Specialty Coffee Association.) The U.S. Coffee Champions will then move on to the World Coffee Championships in Boston or Berlin later this year. We here at Royal NY are excited to have the opportunity to host one of the 2020 preliminary events and start the journey for a competitor to potentially win the World Championship! 

What are these competitions about? For Brewer’s Cup, Competitors have 8 minutes to brew and serve a given coffee to a set of judges. Competitors are scored using the SCA cupping form with added points for their ability to correctly identify flavor descriptors and overall customer service skills! Keep your eyes peeled next week for a blog focused on the Barista Competition! If you are interested in attending, please register via our Lab Calendar.

Ben Phillips
Stumptown Coffee
Why compete?
Continue challenging myself in the industry, to improve as a barista and to support other non-binary/queer folks in the industry
Arsalan Pourmand
Flux Coffee
Please let us know if you would like to request any special accommodations or if you require any physical assistance throughout your attendance at our Lab:
At the Kenyan/Ethiopian cupping there were some delicious bananas, just saying. Would be really cool if they were there again.”
Caleb Lewis
Maiden Coffee
“Hi I am Caleb Lewis. I am a founding partner of Maiden Coffee in Asbury Park NJ. I have the pleasure of wearing a few hats including leading our roasting team, sales, and trainings. When I am not doing coffee related things, I love to ride my bike, make music, and share tasty food and beverages with friends.”
Flux Coffee
Why compete?
“What drives to compete is to challenge myself and my skill set. I tend to use competitions was a reason to grow and learn new skills. But most importantly to help give more attention and to make customers and other baristas more aware of the speciality coffee world.”
Mr. Mauricio
La Colombe
“Just a regular Barista from Colombia who wants to hone his coffee making skills and grow”

Michael Chung

My name is Michael and I’ve been working in coffee for about 3 years. I also love craft beer and good eats!
DSquared Java
Why compete?
“I volunteered last year for brewers cup qualifiers in Nashville and was in awe of the level of knowledge and presentation each barista exhibited. More so the community and encouragement that was represented among all the competitors. I knew it was something I wanted to be apart as well.”
Matthew Magnuson
I’ve been working in the tea and coffee industry for around 10 years. I love brewing delicious cups of tea and coffee, educating and sharing with people the things that I’m passionate about.
Jose Angel Nieves
Cafe Grumpy
Why compete?
I want to compete because this is my passion. I don’t think I have ever been so in love with what I do up until now. It is easy for me to wake up and go to work. Sometimes I even forget I am at my “Job”. I want to share what I know with the world. I dreamt of working with Cafe Grumpy and now I will compete to show my talent and what they have shown me.
La Colombe

I am a former audio engineer turned coffee nerd. I’ve been working at La Colombe for almost 4 years.

Ever wonder what goes into competing? or what the competitors drinks taste like?  The best first step in getting involved in competition is volunteering!  To volunteer please just choose one of the volunteer ticket options and we will follow up with you in terms of availability and qualifications shortly!  We appreciate your help regardless of what you feel your skill level is or your availability.  Just register and we will figure out the rest of the details!