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Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a roast profile for a given coffee?  or have you ever struggled with managing different phases of a roast or predicting the results of  a given roast?  In this 2 day course, participants will have the opportunity to design, execute and manipulate the roast profile of a given coffee.  We will review how different attributes of a green coffee informs the roast.  We will also develop our cupping skills further to better assess our roasts!


Specifically, by the end of this course students will:

  • Understand green coffee attributes and how they inform a roast.
  • Understand different roasting variables, as well as how they effect different portions of a roast profile.
  • Feel confident in using our palate to decipher the flavor impact of a given roast profile.


  • Green Coffee Analysis
  • Hands on roasting time on either or both the Diedrich and the Loring
  • Cupping for Roasting


  • How the attributes of green coffee effect the roast, and how to work with them
  • Portions of a roast profile and their effect on roasting
  • Problems and challenges when roasting

Suggested experience for the course are: 

  • 80+ hours hands on roasting experience
  • Familiarity with roasting equipment and terminology
  • Some cupping experience

Designing & Executing Roast Profiles – postponed


Fri, Aug 7, 9:00 AM — Sat, Aug 8, 4:00 PM

Price: $700