Brew Guides: Tea

There are a variety of devices and methods for brewing tea, but these are the most fundamental. For the highest quality cup of tea, you must also use the highest quality water. It is important to use filtered water and replace filters regularly to maintain proper water composition.

Western Method

Steeps 1-7 minutes, yields 12oz

What you will need:
Steeping Device

2.5g or 1-2 tsp Loose-leaf tea
340g or 12oz water

Before brewing, you must identify which type of tea you are using. Each type of tea requires different brewing parameters in order to extract desirable flavors. These are basic guides, if you are unsure of your tea type contact Royal Tea for specific brewing instructions for your specific teas
White Tea: 175° for 3-5 minutes
Green Tea: 175° for 1-3 minutes
Oolong Tea: 185°-195° for 3-4 minutes
Black and Pu’er Tea: 195° 4-5 minutes
Herbal Teas: 205° for 5-7 minutes

Step 1: Insert infuser into tea pot
Step 2: Add loose leaf tea to infuser
Step 3: Pour water directly over tea and ensure all leaves are covered
Step 4: Cover and let steep for required time based on the type of tea
Step 5: Remove infuser and discard leaves
Step 6: Serve and enjoy!

Black, Oolong & Pu’er:
Gong Fu Method

Multiple steeps, multiple small cups

What you will need:
Filtration device, optional
Small pitcher (Gong Dao Bei)

Tea tray (chachuan), optional
Tea cups

1g/fl oz loose leaf tea
Water at 195°-205°

Step 1: Add tea to gaiwan
Step 2: Rinse tea with hot water and immediately discard, this removes dust and preheats vessel
Step 3: Add water to gaiwan until full, and steep for 30 seconds
Step 4: Carefully shift the lid away from the gaiwan lip. Creating a small space for water to pass, pour the infusion through the filtration device into pitcher
Step 5: Decant first steep evenly into separate cups until pitcher is empty
Step 6: Repeat this process for 3-5 steeps, remarking on the change of flavor with each successive steep
Step 7: Enjoy!