Brew Guides: Aeropress

What you will need: Kettle, Aeropress and Filters, Scale, 15g Coffee, 225g Filtered Water at 205F, 50g Hot Rinse Water

First, place paper filter into cap and twist onto the brew chamber. Place upright on brewing vessel.

Rinse the paper filter and brewing chamber. Discard rinse water

Grind coffee on a fine setting, similar to cane sugar

Add coffee using the funnel provided

Start timer and add 30g of water

Swirl the aeropress to saturate all grounds evenly

At 00:30, Add the remaining water

At 01:00, stir the brew using the paddle provided

Place the plunger onto the brewer, stopping any more coffee from dripping

At about 01:30, depress the plunger until you hear a “hiss.” Total brew time should be approximately 02:00