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Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Sample Roasters
At Royal Coffee New York, Inc., we take great pride in the quality of the coffee we buy and sell. We continually roast and cup coffee daily to make sure that every lot of coffee we carry is of the highest quality.

On any given day, we might be cupping from three to eight different lots/coffees depending upon the offer samples, pre-ship samples, and arrival lots that are received in our office. We welcome your visit whenever you might be in the New York area so that you can join us at the cupping table.

Every coffee sample goes through the Royal New York QA process which includes:

Grade and Defect Evaluation - We inspect all coffee samples to make sure each lot is up to our standards of grade quality and defect count.

Moisture Analysis - Each coffee sample is tested with our moisture meter to confirm that the moisture level is in the appropriate range for the particular coffee origin.

Sample Roasting - Using our 1/4 lb. sample roaster, our QA manager will then produce 2 roasts of each sample coffee - a Cupping Roast and a Production Roast. This will enable us to check for defects as well as to analyze the flavor profile of the coffee.

Cupping and Grading Evaluation - Roasters, baristas, quality assurance managers, and importers all cup for slightly different reasons and with different schedules. Because of the huge amount of samples we cup daily, our sales team needed an efficient system that did not compromise the quality of their evaluations. To accomplish this, the sales team at Royal Coffee New York cups the roasted samples and grades them on a scale of 1-10 for acidity, body, sweetness, aftertaste, and overall. Our grades are prorated to SCAA scores so that we can represent our scores in a way that is relevant to the rest of the industry. Our grading results are stored in a database so we can then share our notes and scores with you.

We also work to provide you with samples for your evaluation, origin and farm information, and other marketing materials to help educate your customers about the exceptional coffee they're about to experience!

Welcome to Royal Coffee New York... Our Mission
As a specialty green coffee importer, Royal Coffee New York, Inc. is proud to serve as the bridge between the seed and the cup for 20 years and counting. Whether you are a well-known roaster or just learning the trade, we take great pride in providing you with top quality green coffee from all over the world. Please browse through our offerings to find the best variety of certified Fair-Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Shade Grown and Bird-Friendly coffees or call us toll free at (888)-ROYAL-NY or (908)-756-6400.
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