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Green Coffee Storage and Moisture Stabilization
Storage and Warehouse Efforts
We started off storing all of our coffee in other warehouses, but we honestly never found anyone who was willing to take care of our coffee the way that we thought it should be cared for. Our warehouse in South Plainfield, NJ is completely owned and operated by us, and we were able to partner with two other warehouses in Wisconsin and Florida that were more than willing to accept our high standards. Storing your coffee in a way that we can be proud of is very important to us. Stop by our NJ warehouse and see for yourself!

Green Coffee Storage
Air and moisture are the two most prominent causes of the loss of organic material in coffee. Over long periods of time, these can lead to the dulling of prominent flavors and the emergence of undesirable flavors. Most of our coffees move in and out of our warehouses so quickly that we don't have to worry about it on our end, but we want to ensure that your coffee has the maximum amount of longevity once it arrives at your door. In the recent past, packaging technology has taken leaps to ensure such longevity. We stabilize the moisture levels and oxygen levels for your coffee in these three ways:

GrainPro (GP) - GrainPro's safe storage products all operate on the same simple organic mechanism. If a container is airtight, any infesting insects, microorganisms, and the stored commodity through their respiration alone will create a low-oxygen, high-carbon dioxide environment. This will inhibit mold growth and kill the insects.

GrainPro Cocoon (CN) - The GrainPro Cocoon is created with the same principles as the individual bags, but has the capacity to contain a full pier pallet. We often use these "cocoons" to ensure the longevity of a shipment that was shipped without a liner.

Ecotact (E) - The ecological plastic bags inside burlap bags are extremely strong and have high oxygen an and moisture barrier properties to seal the freshness of green coffee throughout the supply chain and storage.

WarehouseSolar Power
Both of our warehouses utilize solar panels to decrease our carbon footprint and energy expenditure. We are currently a net-seller of electricity, and the environmental effects of that can be seen clearly in the following graphic:

Energy Chart
Natural Gas
ForkliftWe are one of the very few warehouses whose forklifts are run only on natural gas. This is important to us because it provides a healthier environment for our workers and is more eco-friendly. In addition-because of the nature of natural gas-our warehouse smells like green coffee, not like propane, as the emissions are significantly cleaner and odor-free.

Welcome to Royal Coffee New York... Our Mission
As a specialty green coffee importer, Royal Coffee New York, Inc. is proud to serve as the bridge between the seed and the cup for 20 years and counting. Whether you are a well-known roaster or just learning the trade, we take great pride in providing you with top quality green coffee from all over the world. Please browse through our offerings to find the best variety of certified Fair-Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Shade Grown and Bird-Friendly coffees or call us toll free at (888)-ROYAL-NY or (908)-756-6400.
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