Join us: Help prevent cancer for women in coffee

Grounds for Health is on a mission to make healthcare accessible to women in coffee, and they need our help! Learn more about their inspiring mission and how you can join us in supporting Grounds for Health!

About Grounds for Health

Grounds for Health is an international non-profit with a mission to prevent cervical cancer in coffee communities. Did you know that cervical cancer is the leading cause of preventable, premature cancer deaths in low and middle income countries?

Thankfully, Grounds for Health is working to fix this by providing coffee-growing communities with access to cervical cancer screening and treatment. They have over 25 years of experience partnering with the coffee industry and global & local health partners to implement high-quality, locally-based screenings and treatment programs for women. To date, they have screened over 215,000 women and treated 17,000 to prevent cervical cancer; that’s something to celebrate!

The Ripple Effect of Supporting Women in Coffee

Grounds for Health’s initiatives have a ripple effect beyond each woman in coffee they help. When one of these women has access to basic, preventable healthcare, she can see a healthcare provider, get tested for HPV, and receive treatment for cervical pre-cancer. Now that she stayed healthy, data shows:

– Her children are more likely to attend school and not be involved in child labor.

– She will lead her community to decrease carbon emissions and prevent deforestation.

– She will grow delicious coffee – contribute income for her family and the global economy.

When you donate to Grounds for Health, you’re not just keeping one woman healthy. You’re creating a ripple effect. Healthy Women, Healthy Coffee, Healthy Planet. Learn more about this initiative in Grounds for Health’s incredibly inspiring campaign video here.

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Grounds for Health x Royal New York

As a longtime supporter and anchor donor of Grounds for Health, we’re pleased to be participating in their campaign this summer. The work that Grounds for Health does to make healthcare accessible to women in coffee communities is truly remarkable. 

Finally, we’re excited to announce that throughout the month of July, we will be donating up to $10,000 of proceeds from all instore Ethiopia coffee sales to Grounds for Health! Together, we can bring healthcare to women in coffee!

Shop ETHIOPIA coffee

Don’t need any Ethiopia coffee but still want to make an impact? Then you can donate directly to Grounds for Health here.