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Tess Fiumefreddo
Marketing Assistant
Brand Marketing
Tess Fiumefreddo
How did you start in coffee/tea?
While this is my first job in coffee & tea, I’ve been a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur since my mom introduced me to the beverage when I was 14! Working at RNY has given me a new appreciation for something I always took for granted.

Favorite thing about the industry?
My favorite thing about the industry is how much passion runs through it. Every person I’ve met is incredibly dedicated to their work, and it’s refreshing to be in an environment where I’m surrounded by people that are so committed to their craft.

If you had control of RNY radio for the day (…without risk of any criticism/comments) what would you choose?
That’d be the day! I’d curate a mix of the Beatles, 80s rock, and the Happy Fits. Maybe I’d include a bit of Josh Groban since nobody can complain!

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